Kerb appeal in Oakwood: You could add over £50,000 to the value of your home

Posted on February 7th, 2018.

When it comes to selling your home, presentation is crucial to the pre listing process; apart from location and size, presentation is the third factor in determining the value.

A well presented frontage with newly painted masonry, front door and well maintained garden will have the Brits digging deeper into their pockets to acquire the home with kerb appeal.

The average house price in Oakwood is more than 25% above the London average of £488,789. times that of the London average. A well presented home in the area will add between 5-8 % compared with a similar one that has not been maintained over the years.

Whilst not everyone has the experience or the resources for extensive renovations before moving in, the majority of purchasers will want a turnkey purchase that is in the least livable, in order to make improvements in stages. Interestingly, tenants’ expectations have matched that of buyers in recent years, especially as they are being asked to pay market rents to service someone else’s mortgage with the owner making a profit.

My top 5 tips

  1. Fresh paint work to the front door and porch
  2. Clean and well maintained windows and frames
  3. Clean and tidy garden
  4. Polished or new hardware for the front door
  5. Exterior lighting- a well lit frontage is a sign of maintenance and security

The majority of house hunters will attend a viewing for a well presented home and make their initial judgements on the first impression. Likewise, an equal number will reject a property and not even bother to venture inside if the exterior is unkempt with an overgrown garden.

British home owners on average don’t carry out external maintenance that often, in fact most leave it for more than 8 years and almost 25% of home owners haven’t done nay external maintenance in over 15 years.

People are moving less than they did a generation ago , in fact in Oakwood, its once every 15 years. As Birts spend most of their time indoors, the exterior is often “forgotten” about.

Why is kerb appeal so important?

We all know that we don’t get a second chance to make a first impression, when selling a home it’s vital to get that right. After all, it’s the first thing prospective purchasers will see when they come for inspection.

The rise of social media has seen the number of home exteriors photographed go up significantly in recent years.

The likes of Instagram and Pintrest have given inspiration to a number of British home owners and would be hunters.

Whether you are selling or letting a “back to basics” approach in making sure your property is in good condition will help you to get your home sold or rented in the quickest time possible time, whilst maximising the value. In today’s world of internet savvy consumers, purchasers and tenants do plenty of research before booking that viewing.

Londoners, like other city dwellers are time poor, generally living fast paces lives and they want to see homes that they aspire, so taking care of the exterior is important as the interior. As a vendor or landlord in today’s challenging market presentation is crucial as your home is beige offered in competition with not in isolation to the rest of the local market.

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