Posted on March 8th, 2024.

Should I opt for carpet or laminate flooring in the bedroom?

It is a question that homeowners across London ask themselves every single day. While both laminate and carpet flooring bring with them their own pros and cons, it can be hard to know which one is right for the bedroom(s) in your rental investment property.

Styling your bedroom(s) is a highly personal process. Designed in the right way, your bedroom can become a haven to relax in at the end of a stressful day. And the flooring you opt for can make a huge difference in the overall vibe and aesthetic of your bedroom(s).

Here at Ashmore Residential, we know how important it is to get this decision correct, and find the best flooring for your needs.

In this article, we’ll help you settle the debate between carpet vs laminate flooring in the bedroom by sharing our list of pros and cons.

Laminate Flooring
Pros of Laminate Flooring in the Bedroom

For many homeowners in London, laminate flooring in the bedroom can be a great choice.

With laminate planks, it’s:

  • Easy to clean – unlike carpet, laminate floors are easy to clean, which can be particularly beneficial in family homes where mess is pretty much inevitable.
  • Expensive-looking, without the expense – laminate can offer a modern aesthetic, much like hardwood flooring, without the high price tag.
  • A great DIY installation project – you can get help from a fitter to install laminate flooring, but it’s often a project many homeowners choose to do themselves.

Cons of Laminate Flooring in the Bedroom

Many homeowners in London choose to have carpet in the bedroom, namely because it can feel:

  • Cosier – there’s no better feeling than a lovely thick carpet in between your toes, especially when you wake up in the morning. With a laminate floor covering, it tends to be slightly colder and less cosy, much like any hard flooring option.
  • Softer – if the bedroom is for a child, older relative or someone prone to falls, carpet provides cushioning to land on, unlike laminate, which is a much less forgiving bedroom flooring.
  • Warmer – carpet retains heat much better than laminate flooring, keeping your bedroom warmer for longer.
  • Noisier-If your property has original timber beams below, there is the consideration of sound proofing. Whilst there are solutions for this, it will never be 100%. This is more of a challenge where there are other self contained flats located below your property. Generally speaking a thicker underlay and flooring (10mm plus) goes some way to addressing this, with many homeowners still opting for laminate flooring for its practcial benefits and aesthetic appeal. On the other hand in blocks of flats (post 1960’s) where the floors are mostly concrete, laminate floooring works well, as this type of home has much better insulation and sound proofing qualities.

Cons of Carpet in the Bedroom

Despite its benefits, having carpet in the bedroom can have its pitfalls.

With carpet, you may find that it:

  • Gets dirty – even with regular vacuuming, bacteria hides in the carpet, and regular deep cleaning is needed. If you already have to undertake this action for other high-traffic areas, such as living rooms or studies, you might want to opt for a laminate floor in the bedroom for ease.
  • Collects dust easily – dust mites gather in carpet, particularly in hidden areas underneath the bed, which can aggravate allergies for some people.
  • Can be expensive – Rarely will you find carpet cheaper than laminate flooring. Even though carpet can be affordable, many styles (particularly in-demand colours) can be expensive, especially when paired with the cost of dense underlay and hiring a fitter.

Frequently Asked Questions About Carpet and Laminate Flooring
Which is more budget-friendly, carpet or laminate flooring for the bedroom?

Laminate flooring is generally more budget-friendly than carpet.

What is easier to clean and maintain, carpet or laminate flooring in the bedroom?

Laminate flooring is easier to clean and maintain compared to carpet.

Which provides better insulation and warmth in the bedroom, carpet or laminate flooring?

Carpet provides better insulation and warmth in the bedroom compared to laminate flooring.

So, Which One is Right For You?

Ultimately, deciding between carpet and laminate flooring in the bedroom is a personal choice and what is best suited to your property. While some homeowners in London will prefer the modern style and convenience of laminate, others will find carpet the cosier option.

If you’re deciding between laminate and carpet in the bedroom in preparation for a rental , Ashmore Residential are your local property experts, and we’d love to chat. Our friendly team are happy to arrange a market appraisal of your home and help you stage it for a rental in the future.

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