Maximising The Returns from Your Property Investment

As an experienced property investor, your focus is on maximizing the income potential of your investment to help you achieve your long-term financial goals.

This guide has been created through our extensive knowledge and experience of the Buy-To-Let sector, giving you proven insights into how to maximize your returns and drive greater results from your property investment. We look at how to conduct a property investment performance review, how to add value to your investment and maximize returns, tips on retaining good Tenants, what to look for in a high performing property manager and lots more.

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How much will be needed as a deposit?
There’s no fixed amount, but higher deposits usually mean a more competitive mortgage rate. Typically you should have at least 10% of the property’s total value in savings.

What’s the investment potential?
This can depend on a number of factors: the location, size of property, what’s nearby, and whether the area’s undergoing regeneration.

How much should be charged?
Look at the range of rents currently being achieved in the area and adjust your own expectations accordingly.

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Beginning Steps For Your Investment Property

This is the beginning of a new journey, there are several reasons people become residential landlords. Often, it’s because someone wants to do more with their savings and sees property as a sound investment with a regular income. It might also be that a person becomes an accidental landlord after inheriting a property or moving into a house with a partner. In our Article below, we show you the beginning steps to becoming a Landlord.

Where To Add Value To Your Investment Property

With the ever-growing demand for rental property, Buy to Let has become a competitive and fast paced industry. Here you can find my Top 10 tips on where you can Add Value to your Investment Property without breaking the bank:

  • Paint
  • Tidy up the Garden
  • Fix the Flooring
  • Update the Kitchen
  • Transform the Bathroom
  • Add some extra features
  • Add built-ins and storage
  • Add a parking space
  • Outdoor living space
  • Hire a Property Manager

Review The Performance Of Your Investment Property

It is important to assess the performance of your investment property as Buy-to-Let has become an ever-increasing competitive market, so you wouldn’t want to fall behind. Here at Ashmore, we have strategized 8 Ways to Help you Keep Ahead of the Curve to ensure you maximise your return and stay ahead of the game.

Why Hiring A Property Management Company Can Add Value To Your Investment Property

Hiring a Property Management Company can add immense value to your investment property, and are an invaluable element of the investment process. In the early stages of an investment career, many landlords overlook the value that solid management can bring. From sourcing quality tenants to ensuring that all legal requirements are met, an excellent management team frees up the landlord’s time to focus on doing what they do best.

How To Keep Good Tenants In Your Investment Property

A high turnover of tenants will cost you time, effort, and money. Reducing or eliminating your turnover expenses by keeping good tenants longer can help you to be a more profitable landlord. There are many advantages to keeping tenants longer:

  • Reducing tenancy termination expenses
  • Consistent rental income
  • Spending less time and effort preparing the unit for rent
    (maintenance, cleaning and agency fees)
  • Avoid the uncertainty of a new tenant

So, what can you do to keep your tenants happy?

I’m Ready To Maximize The Return On My Investment

Do you know how much your property is worth right now?

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